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The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation provides funding for enrichment programs and education materials to enhance the solid academic curriculum and maintain the high quality of education in the Scotts Valley Unified School District. The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our Tax ID is 77-0006718. You can also view a copy of our Determination Letter.

SVEF Makes a Difference

The SVEF takes pride in making your donations have a meaningful impact on our schools. The Foundation provides annual funds to the school district which:

  • Provide essential programs and educational materials
  • Keep budget cuts away from affecting the classroom
  • Benefit every child in the Scotts Valley School District











View a copy of our Annual Report.

Our Children Benefit

Foundation-funded programs enhance a solid academic curriculum so children can learn to play a flute, write a poem, explore technology, run a relay, or paint a mural. Through these experiences, Foundation funds help prepare children for the future.

Our Community Benefits

Excellent schools are the cornerstone of a successful community. The support received by local business and community groups is essential to the Foundation’s continued growth. Business and community support of the Foundation ensures that our schools are among the best.

Our History

The Foundation was formed in 1983 by a group of parents in search of a way to support the Scotts Valley Unified School District in a time of financial crisis. Budget cuts and restrictive state legislation (Proposition 13) had created serious financial challenges for the district. This forward-thinking group of parents took the first steps to building a strong foundation for the future. Thanks to their vision, the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) was established to provide funds for district-wide programs and to make sure every child receives a well-rounded educational experience.

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SVEF Details

You can find out many more details about the operations and principles under which the SVEF operates by following any of the links below. We welcome everyone with an interest in becoming more involved in SVEF and help us make a real difference for our schools.