Community Partnership Program

A partnership between your business and the SVEF has the potential to bring a direct benefit to you, and preserve and enhance the education of each student in the Scotts Valley School District.  Many of the families who live and work in our community support our community businesses, and the Community Partnership Program now provides our local business’s the opportunity of giving back and help fund necessary educational services which have been eliminated from the schools due to budget cuts.

Why consider the Scotts Valley Education Foundation for annual giving?  Well, it’s very simple.  The SVEF is the only organization that gives to all the schools in the district.  The donations by our community partners are integral for all 4 schools Libraries to remain open and for our kids to receive needed coaching services in Literacy and Math.

What do we fund?  

In the past 5 years, SVEF donated over $500,000, toward your child’s education!

  • SVEF funded all four school libraries  for the last 4 years;
  • SVEF paid to reinstate and expand counseling services at all four schools;
  • SVEF funded technology needs on each campus;
  • SVEF underwrote GLAD training for our teachers;
  • AND MORE! (view our annual report HERE to learn more)

As a business owner in our community, if you believe that with a quality education, our kids will be able to get good jobs enabling them to continue to live in our community and, as they become young adults and start their own families, they will continue to patronize your local businesses, then we need you as a Community Partner!
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It is important that we always keep the future in mind and proactively seek opportunities that will allow us to continue funding these important aspects of our children’s education in future years. Please help us bridge the gap in state funding necessary to sustain academic programs, student support services and enrichment programs. Becoming a Community Partner is easy. Please know that your generosity in any amount is very much appreciated.  We are honored by your support and Thank You.