Anonymous donor gifts $30K to SV schools

The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation has received a $30,000 grant, a donation school board member Marshall Wolf and one of the directors of the foundation say ranks as one of the largest in years.

The money was given by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz, a nonprofit established in 1982 that gives grants to community organizations and helps private donors in their own giving.

Aside from the Community Foundation overseeing the grant, Wolf says he does not know who the donor was.

“Anonymous gifts are pretty common,” Wolf said.

But the foundation cannot spend the money on just anything. Conditions of the grant are that $20,000 be spent on Brook Knoll Elementary School and $10,000 on Scotts Valley Middle School. In a year’s time, Wolf said, a report must be filed with the Community Foundation, documenting how the money was spent.

“It’s a real generous gift in these times,” Wolf said.

The next step, Wolf said, is to notify the schools’ principals of the grant and get a written list of what the schools need and how the money may be spent.

Some of the money may be used to offset the vandalism damage at Brook Knoll from early last month that will cost the school an estimated $40,000 to fix, though the school district insurance is likely to pay for a majority of the tab.

In May, rain canceled one of the local foundation’s primary fundraisers, the Ice Cream Social. The fundraiser usually brings in about $20,000 for the foundation and Scotts Valley schools.

“These kinds of donations let you move forward and not just tread water,” Wolf said.

More information on the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation can be found at

By Jason Shuffler

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