Only Two Days Left For Our Qlubbgive Winter Promotion

Only 2 days left to get these GREAT local deals
AND support Scotts Valley schools!
Homewood . Heathers . Helm . BurgerMe . Dragonfly

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Fund Your Passions Campaign

Do you work for HP?? Did you know that HP has just kicked off the HP Employee Giving “Fund Your Passions” campaign (November 1 through December 9). During this period, the HP Company Foundation will match employee donations made via the HP Giving Station, for up to $4 million in total matching. If you are planning on making a donation to SVEF, now is the time. Be sure to visit the HP Giving Station to ensure the match.

HP is also offering another way for employees to support our students in SVUSD. Employees can Give the power of HP technology: With the HP Employee Product Giving Program, employees donate just 25% of the product list price – and HP will donate the remaining 75% to provide best-in-class technology. HP funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis until the budget cap is reached. If you are interested in support SVUSD with technology, please see the list below that specifies the type of equipment needed for our classrooms!

HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 XZ895UT — All-in-one touch-screen computer w/ webcam
These would be great for libraries, classrooms, and computer labs. ($850)

HP 500B Microtower PC XZ858UT
HP LE1901w 19″ Widescreen LCD Monitor
A low-cost desktop computer ($350) and matching monitor ($130)

HP 620 Notebook PC WZ294UT
Laptop computer for teachers ($420)

Finally, both Apple and Dell Computer Corp. provide matching donations. Please check your company intranet for details if you believe your organization supports these kinds of programs.

QlubbGive Offer Ends June 5th – Don’t Miss Out!

Dear Scotts Valley Families:

This is the last weekend to purchase these great local deals and help support SVEF. Whether it’s a break from the kitchen at Bruno’s, an annual check up for your pet, or just an ice cream cone to brighten up your day – every deal purchased raises money for SVEF.

Thank you for your support and have a wonderful Summer! Look for future deals from our local merchants who support our schools!

Allison Niday, SVEF President

$30 (retail $62) for Complete Pet Exam at Ocean Animal Clinic BUY
$6 for $10 of Refreshing Baskin Robbins Ice Cream BUY
$7 for $15 of Bruno’s BBQ BUY
$35 for $60 Bike Tune-Up at Scotts Valley Cycle Sport BUY
$20 for $50 Worth of Photo Books and Cards at Mixbook BUY
$67 for $100 Worth of Jewelry at Scotts Valley Jeweler BUY

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up to 33% of deal proceeds goes to SVEF

What Is Going On At SVEF today!

Our Mt. Charlie Challenge was another huge success! We brought in over $25,000 this year alone, for our schools. Over $200,000 for the life of the Mt. Charlie Challenge. Thank you to all of our sponsor, riders and volunteers. Please see our Mt. Charlie Event page to see all of our wonderful sponsors.

Have you made your donation to Dollar-A-Day yet? Did you know that the SV
Educational Foundation has raised over $85,000 to date through DAD?
At this
week’s SVEF meeting, the board voted unanimously to donate over $60,000 of
those funds to keep our libraries open part time next year, instead of being
closed for budgetary reasons. The remaining funds will be dispersed over
the coming months to offset other expected cuts to programs and services.
There is still time to donate!! Your contributions will allow us to maintain
the programs our students need to be successful in life, so please make your
donations now! You can donated though PayPal on our “Help Us” page or mail in a check to SVEF, 245-M Mt. Hermon Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

SVEF will have a booth at the upcoming SV Grand Prix Bike Race, being held
May 15 in SV. Students who need community service hours can sign up to
staff the booth, which will be selling drinks to spectators. Please contact
Ann Sayer at [email protected] to sign up! Kids 3-9 can sign up to race for free. Click here to see the registration information.

Finally, we are looking for additional SVEF volunteers for next year!
Interested in working with our local businesses to participate in our
Business Partner Program? Or perhaps you are a PR/Marketing whiz? There
are many opportunities, large and small, within SVEF. This summer the group
will be developing a Strategic Plan to guide the group as we continue to
grow and build our endowment fund and we welcome input from everyone.
Contact Allison Niday at [email protected] if you are interested!

Dollar A Day Statistics

As of January 27th, 2011 our Dollar-A-Donations, which include Dollar-A-Day donations and Community Day, has reached $78,000. That is approximately 8% of our goal to reach $950,000.

Why are we trying to raise $950,000?

The district will be forced to cut this amount for the next school year, 2011-2012, and, again, in 2012-2013 because of the lack of State funding. The following is what is being considered for cuts.

SVUSD expenses to cut

Please note the items starred are subject to negotiations with the teachers union and bargaining units. To meet the financial obligations of the district, these cuts will need to remain for two years.

If you would like to help, we are suggesting $365 per student, however, any amount helps.

There are two ways to donate money by PayPal; click on the paypal button to make monthly payments or click on the PayPal button to make a one time donation in any amount. Click here to donate by PayPal

Checks can be made out to Scotts Valley Educational Foundation and mailed to:

245-M Mt. Hermon Rd, Box 150
Scotts Valley, CA  95066

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Dollar a day $25,300

We have raised $25,300 for Dollar a Day. Thank you to all of you who have contributed, we are a step forward in helping our schools. Those of you who haven’t had a chance to contribute yet, you can send your tax deductible donation to SVEF, 245-M Mt. Hermon Road, Box 150, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.

Have you noticed the new banners outside of each of the schools? Check it out when you get a chance. We will be updating these as our donations increase.

Community Day September 18 – Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Community Day

When: September 18, 2010

What: A day for our WHOLE community to come together to raise money for Scotts Valley public schools.

How to raise money: Have garage sales, bake sales and boost businesses so they can donate a percentage of their day’s proceeds.

How to help:

    1. Have a garage sale and donate some or all of the money to the schools.
    2. Donate some of your household items to someone else who would have a garage sale for the school.
    3. Be a neighborhood coordinator for garage sales and bake sales
    4. If you have a business, consider donating a percentage of your proceeds on for September 18th.
    5. Join the Business Partnership Program and get a great value on advertising the all four schools phone directories.
    6. Join our committee to make calls and visits to businesses over the summer to get them on board with our community day.
    7. Encourage friends and families to donate to the Dollar a Day campaign that day. Remind them to have their company match their donation.
    8. Go to and fill in the sign up form for Community Day. Or email the following information to [email protected]:
    a. Name
    b. Address
    c. Phone number
    d. Email address
    e. Job or donation you would like to do

Please contact Gina Johnson at [email protected] or 334-1640 to help or for more information.

Donate Now! Help Kick Off Our Dollar-A-Day Campaign!

Below is a letter from our Superintendent that summaries the current position our school district is in. You can help right now by donating to Scotts Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) through PayPal by clicking on the Donate button on any page of this website, or entering a recurring payment on our Help Us page.

Please help our cause by donating now.

Dear Parents and Families of Scotts Valley Students,

I am sure it has escaped no one’s attention that this is by far the worst budget year in California for many, many years. As the state continues to flounder through this terrible recession, all public agencies are being severely affected. Our school district is no exception.

Here is the picture in summary. Over the past few years, because of budget cuts and declining enrollment, our district has moved from an annual budget of about $19 million to a projected budget for 2010-11 of approximately $16.4 million. We have cut positions, personnel and programs. Class sizes continue to increase. We expect at least two more years, possibly three, of continued budget shortfalls before the state economy recovers and our funding begins to catch back up to former levels. Experts predict that it will be as late as 2013 or 2014 before we will return to the funding levels we had in 2007, while costs will continue to rise.

We are currently developing the budget for 2010-11, which must be passed no later than June 30 and which must be fiscally solvent three years out. To account for funding cuts in 2010-11 and beyond, we will be increasing class sizes K-3 from 25 to 29 students. Although teaching positions will be lost, several elementary teachers will be retiring, leaving only a .5 teacher without a secure position at this time. At the high school, we have delivered potential layoff notices to parts of 8 teachers, ranging from 20% to 60% of their teaching schedules, for a total of up to 3.2 teaching positions. These and other lesser cuts combined with tapping into district carryovers will be sufficient to get us through the 2010-11 school year.

It is the following year, 2011-12, that we will need to make drastic cuts or we will fall off the fiscal cliff to the tune of $1.9 million the following year. To avoid cutting $1.9 million, it makes sense to cut half that amount in 2011; that $950,000 cut would continue into 2012 for a savings of $1.9 million over two years.

We are grateful for the many parents have come forward wanting to help.I have been working with staff to determine our options; the district has a major problem requiring thoughtful and well planned attempts at resolution. In our discussions, we have involved our Site Leaders Collaborative, a group composed of the leaders of our four parent clubs, four site councils, and our Educational Foundation; they have been instrumental in shaping our planning efforts.

This is our current thinking on what would be most effective:

The remainder of this year: Continue with the usual fundraisers for the 2010-11 school year. At the sites, these funds usually support such things as athletics at the middle and high schools, art and music programs at the elementary schools, various classroom support personnel, help with supplies and professional development, and donations to teachers’ and principals’ discretionary accounts. It will be important and helpful to continue to fill these needs at the sites in the usual ways the parent groups have in the past.

To help lessen the effects of the $1.9 potential shortfall the third year out:

Join with the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation to begin filling a “piggy bank” to help defray the drastic cuts that will need to come in 2011-12. The Ed Foundation has offered to be the repository of any additional fundraisers, donations, “Dollar a Day” efforts and the like. This money will be used in 2011-12 and 2012-13 to prevent cuts beyond what we can currently imagine. This is not an easy concept for some people to accept. The natural tendency would be to earn money to be used immediately; in normal times, that would work. However, the greater need is to begin storing up a reserve to lessen the cuts that will need to be made in future years.

The board is investigating whether the community would support a parcel tax. Currently, passage of a parcel tax requires a 2/3 vote of the electorate. We understand that an Initiative heading for the November 2010 ballot, if passed, would allow a parcel tax to be passed by a 55% vote. A parcel tax measure, taken to the voters in Spring 2011, would provide funds for the 2011-12 school year and for a few years into the future. This, too, would lessen or possibly eliminate the cuts that would otherwise need to be made.

We wish to thank all of you who have stepped forward with ideas for solving the problem. We will need support in several ways including “people power” and funds over a sustained period of time. So that parents and community members do not get “tapped out” by a variety of donation requests, we are looking toward one united district/ community effort to make the biggest difference for our students.

Our school board members have been out in the community, talking with people in coffee shops and their homes. If you would like board members to speak with you and your friends and neighbors, please contact board president Michael Shulman at [email protected] to arrange a time and place. The board will also be discussing the budget, community involvement, and the convening of a committee to work on a possible parcel tax. We are gathering information and the community’s best thinking to provide a district-wide solution to a serious problem for our schools.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long letter. It is a very complex issue. We all appreciate your engagement and support of our efforts on behalf of our students.

Susan Silver, Ed.D.

Support the 7th Mt. Charlie Challenge Bike Ride

We are moving along with our 2009 Mt. Charlie Challenge Bike Ride and looking for this year’s sponsors.  We will be printing and distributing 11×17 posters all over Scotts Valley, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz County, advertising in the local newspapers, and sending out emails to our 2200 person database.  Your name or logo would also be added to our annual t-shirt.  It isn’t too late!

Below is a list of the levels of sponsorship:

Gold Sponsor…$1,000

  • Larger Logo on Bike Ride Shirts
  • 100 Free Raffle Tickets
  • Logo on All Materials
  • plus Bonus 20 Tickets
  • Press Release Listings
  • 2 Bike Ride Shirts
  • Promotion of Your Business at Every Opportunity

Silver Sponsor…$500

  • Logo on Bike Ride Shirts
  • 50 Raffle Tickets
  • Press Release Mention
  • Bike Ride Shirt
  • plus Bonus 10 Tickets

Bronze Sponsor…$250

  • Name on Ride Shirt
  • Bike Ride Shirt
  • 25 Raffle Ticket
  • plus  Bonus 5 Tickets

Checks payable to:
Scotts Valley Educational Foundation
(501(c)(3) tax-exempt status number 77-0006718)

Please contact Charlotte with any questions, or interest that you have, at 831-334-7279.