Community Day Fundraising Meeting June 1st

The community is invited to come help plan a Community Day Fundraiser. A meeting will be held at the Scotts Valley Community Center, 360 Kings Village Road, by the Chamber of Commerce, on Tuesday June 1st from 7-9pm in the main room.

A few parents in our district went to a meeting in Saratoga about the Cupertino School District’s “Their Future Is Now!” campaign that demonstrated parent power to work on their education issues. They were very successful and raised $2.2 million for their schools, and were gracious enough to invite others to share information on how they did it. Our parents came away with a wealth of information.

On Tuesday we will focus on planning a Community Day right here in Scotts Valley. We will set a date and sign up people for various tasks to make it happen. We will explain how the Community Day ties into the Dollar a Day Campaign and the Business Partnership Program.

We will send out an agenda meeting reminder to those that want to be included. You can email Charlotte at [email protected] and ask to be on that distribution.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

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