Community Day September 18 – Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Community Day

When: September 18, 2010

What: A day for our WHOLE community to come together to raise money for Scotts Valley public schools.

How to raise money: Have garage sales, bake sales and boost businesses so they can donate a percentage of their day’s proceeds.

How to help:

    1. Have a garage sale and donate some or all of the money to the schools.
    2. Donate some of your household items to someone else who would have a garage sale for the school.
    3. Be a neighborhood coordinator for garage sales and bake sales
    4. If you have a business, consider donating a percentage of your proceeds on for September 18th.
    5. Join the Business Partnership Program and get a great value on advertising the all four schools phone directories.
    6. Join our committee to make calls and visits to businesses over the summer to get them on board with our community day.
    7. Encourage friends and families to donate to the Dollar a Day campaign that day. Remind them to have their company match their donation.
    8. Go to and fill in the sign up form for Community Day. Or email the following information to [email protected]:
    a. Name
    b. Address
    c. Phone number
    d. Email address
    e. Job or donation you would like to do

Please contact Gina Johnson at [email protected] or 334-1640 to help or for more information.

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