Dollar A Day Reaches $30,000. today

As of today we have raised $30k since May, towards our goal.

Stay tuned for a letter that will inform our families what kind of items will need to be cut next year if we don’t come up with our district’s goal of $950,000. It is really important to all work together to help raise funds and awareness of our current situation. Hopefully we can get a parcel tax, increase Dollar a Day fundraising and work on other alternative cost saving measures now, to avoid cuts later in the school year. Watch for an informative letter the first week of school.

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  1. Gabrielle Garrett
    Gabrielle Garrett says:

    I am sure it is here somewhere, but is this enormous district goal for just one year. I was so happy to hear that $56K has been raised so far until I came here to revisit the goal. We need a multi-millionaire to leave the school district in their will. Sigh….

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