SVEF & Mt. Charlie Meetings Thurs 4/15/10

SVEF Meeting Agenda
April 15, 2010 7pm
Scotts Valley Middle School Library

1. Introductions and SVEF Overview
2. Review Minutes
3. District Needs – What we may fund?
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Annual Distribution %
6. Mt. Charlie Challenge Update
7. Business Partnership Program
8. Board Recruitment
9. Dollar A Day program
10. Other Business
11. Next Meeting –May 20th

Mt. Charlie Challenge Meeting will be held before the SVEF meeting, from 6-7pm in the library.

1. Riders
2. Permit
3. Sponsors
4. Music
5. Raffle Prizes
6. Training Rides
7. Supplies
8. Poster Distribution
9. Next Meeting, next week

You can still register on or through our website.
Registration amount is now $100. since there isn’t much time to get pledges.

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