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SVEF Recap and Change

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tis the season to enjoy all of our holidays, family and friends! I personally wish all of you all the very best for the holidays and a Happy New Year to come.

As I approach the end of my SVEF Presidency, I would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers that help to make the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation a continuing success. We have such great support from our schools, students, families, service clubs and the community. I can’t thank you all enough for you efforts and devotion to the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation

This year we have raised $110,606 that will all go our schools. We raise money through our events and Dollar a Day campaign. See the breakdown below:

  • Mt. Charlie Challenge – $29,608
  • Business Partnership Program – $5,166
  • Dollar A Day Campaign – $57,885
  • Community Day – $14,988
  • Miscellaneous donations – $2,959

We estimate that we will make over $10,000 on the tree lot (not included in the amount above).

I am please to announce that Allison Niday will be the new SVEF President for the New Year. Allison’s energy and commitment will keep SVEF a vital community organization.

We will not hold our December meeting this month will will resume January 20th.

Charlotte Multer

Dollar A Day Statistics

As of January 27th, 2011 our Dollar-A-Donations, which include Dollar-A-Day donations and Community Day, has reached $78,000. That is approximately 8% of our goal to reach $950,000.

Why are we trying to raise $950,000?

The district will be forced to cut this amount for the next school year, 2011-2012, and, again, in 2012-2013 because of the lack of State funding. The following is what is being considered for cuts.

SVUSD expenses to cut

Please note the items starred are subject to negotiations with the teachers union and bargaining units. To meet the financial obligations of the district, these cuts will need to remain for two years.

If you would like to help, we are suggesting $365 per student, however, any amount helps.

There are two ways to donate money by PayPal; click on the paypal button to make monthly payments or click on the PayPal button to make a one time donation in any amount. Click here to donate by PayPal

Checks can be made out to Scotts Valley Educational Foundation and mailed to:

245-M Mt. Hermon Rd, Box 150
Scotts Valley, CA  95066

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Dollar A Day Reaches $22,000

We have reached $22,000. for our Dollar A Day campaign! Lets keep working at it. You will soon see banners posted at each of the schools to show the progress through out the year of where we are on our fundraising goals. We are showing the goal of $950,000 for SVUSD, for the school year 20011_12. Hopefully that will be raised in many ways, not only through SVEF but we still will show the full goal for the district overall.

Tell your friends and neighbors to contribute, if they can. Next year it will only get harder to make cuts to a budget that is already way too low. Help where you can. You can go to our “Help Us” page to donate through PayPal, or send in a check to SVEF, 245-M Mt. Hermon Road, Box 150, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Thank you to all of SVEF supporters!

Community Day September 18 – Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Community Day

When: September 18, 2010

What: A day for our WHOLE community to come together to raise money for Scotts Valley public schools.

How to raise money: Have garage sales, bake sales and boost businesses so they can donate a percentage of their day’s proceeds.

How to help:

    1. Have a garage sale and donate some or all of the money to the schools.
    2. Donate some of your household items to someone else who would have a garage sale for the school.
    3. Be a neighborhood coordinator for garage sales and bake sales
    4. If you have a business, consider donating a percentage of your proceeds on for September 18th.
    5. Join the Business Partnership Program and get a great value on advertising the all four schools phone directories.
    6. Join our committee to make calls and visits to businesses over the summer to get them on board with our community day.
    7. Encourage friends and families to donate to the Dollar a Day campaign that day. Remind them to have their company match their donation.
    8. Go to www.svef.net and fill in the sign up form for Community Day. Or email the following information to [email protected]:
    a. Name
    b. Address
    c. Phone number
    d. Email address
    e. Job or donation you would like to do

Please contact Gina Johnson at [email protected] or 334-1640 to help or for more information.

Dollar A Day Fundraising Update

We have raised $14,530 net since we started our current campaign on May 15th. This number includes one time donations and monthly recurring donations.

Thank you everyone, let’s keep it going up!