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Tree Lot Volunteers Still Needed

We will need volunteers this Sunday, November 20 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, at the Christmas Tree Lot on the corner of Scotts Valley Drive and Disc Drive. We will be setting up tents with Scotts Valley Kiwanis.

More volunteers will be needed on Wednesday November 23 for set up.  We will be unloading the truck from Oregon, trimming the tree bases and setting up the tree stands.

We have opened up more spots on the sign up sheet, so please sign up for this fun event!

Christmas Tree Sign Up

The Christmas Tree Lot is coming soon!  Thank you to all the students and adults who have signed up so far!  We know some of you might be frustrated that the student slots are already completely full – please don’t let that stop you!

Parents should go ahead and sign up for an adult slot – we do need adults on hand for each shift to supervise student volunteers and help with some of the heavy lifting and money!  Those parents should feel free to bring their students along – and those high school and middle school students will receive community service hours for working!  Please note – only 15 hours of community service time can be earned through an individual event – so no matter how many hours students volunteer, they will get a maximum of 15 hours credit.  Of course we’d love those students to spend as much time as they want working on the lot!

We will also need a lot of bodies on tree unloading day – of all ages and sizes.  As soon as we know the exact timing, we’ll send out an update.  Student volunteers on that day (probably Wednesday, November 23rd) will also get CS hours.

Sign up sheet is here.

Christmas Tree Lot Sign Up

It is that time of year again that you have all been waiting for.  Sign up time!

This year we will be opening the Christmas Tree Lot on Saturday November 26th at 9:30 am.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work this fun event.

Sign up at mysignup.com now, and Happy Volunteering!