Volunteers Needed for Community Day – September 10, 2011

Scotts Valley Educational Foundation Community Day Leaders Gina Johnson and Lori Gentile are looking for volunteers to assist with next year’s Community Day, slated for September 10. This event will be in conjunction with The City of Scotts Valley’s e-waste recycling and the first Citywide Garage Sale. Much of the work can be done from home and during times that work for the individual volunteer. Please contact Gina or Lori to sign up. [email protected] or [email protected] .

Marketing/PR – Members of this group will be working with the SVHS ROP Marketing Class members and teacher. Activities will include creating flyers, coordinating ads in papers and on the radio, community outreach, ad for businesses to display, balloons. One person will also need to work with the City to coordinate advertising paid for by the City.

Newspaper Writer – Mike Rein will be heading this group, but could use some help coordinating with the Marketing team and delivering information and pre-written content to our local papers.

Garage Sale/Bake Sale Coordinator – One person is needed to oversee this. The lead can choose to assign neighborhood contacts as well.

Website – While much of the content will be generated by the various sub-committees, we could use a savvy Web person to help us use the website to its full potential.

Acknowledgement Letter/Thank you letter – This group will be responsible for sending acknowledgement after business says “yes” to CD and “thank you” letters after the event. We’ll provide the note cards and letterhead.

School Contacts – A liaison for all 4 schools is needed to be responsible for informing their school via whatever means they can (i.e. newsletter, Friday Folders ,etc)

Card – This group will work with Gina, Lori and Allison to create a ‘card’ that can be sold and used for a year at local business for special discounts or offers. This team will be responsible for working with local businesses to determine their contribution, creating and printing the tickets and managing sales at school and community events.

Phone Call Help – The Phoning group will work with Lori and Gina to make connections with local businesses to confirm their interest in Community Day.


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