The Lynn Beebe College Counseling Grant (LBCCG)

The Lynn Beebe College Counseling Grant (LBCCG) was established in 2012 to honor Lynn Beebe, a longtime Scotts Valley Middle School teacher and counselor and private college counselor.  The grant continues Lynn’s work; dedication and commitment to helping Scotts Valley students pursue their educational goals and acceptance into higher education.


Scotts Valley High School students can apply for the grant, which provides selected students with financial assistance for professional college and career counseling, ACT/SAT test preparation and guidance through the two- or four-year college application process.  Grant recipients are selected each year by the LBCCG Board of Directors through an application and interview process beginning each spring.  The degree of financial assistance is at the sole discretion of the Grant’s Board of Directors.  Since the grant’s inception, seven SVHS students have been selected as grant recipients.


Go Fund Me to Support Lynn Beebe College Counseling Scholarship

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the “LBCCG Endowment” and mailed to The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation, c/o the Scotts Valley Unified School District, 4444 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.

The LBCCG endowment operates under the umbrella of the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization; both the LBCCG and SVEF are all-volunteer organizations.

2017 Seniors

The Beebe scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to learn and understand the college application process. I’ve been extremely privileged to be granted the opportunity to be walked through the process in applying for colleges. With the scholarship I’ve been motivated to push myself into putting my full potential into the college application process with promising results.  -Noah Bassi

The Lynn Beebe Scholarship made it possible for me to apply to colleges, without this scholarship I would not have applied. Being able to have a college counselor lessened the stress of the application process and gave me hope that I can go to college. I am very thankful for what I received because I don’t know what I would’ve done without the Lynn Beebe Scholarship. – Ava Glassey

2018 Seniors

At first glance, the Lynne Beebe College Counseling Grant seems only a supplement to its recipient’s journey to college, but I rightly learned that this is not the case. Through the LBCCG – including the help of the wonderful Christie Danner and Higher Standards Academics faculty, I was able to mold this journey into one that best suited me. The LBCCG does not simply service its recipients; it uplifts them. And, to a great extent – it is for this reason that I will pursue an education in STEM at Northwestern University next year. Thank you, Lynne Beebe College Counseling Grant! –Gabriel Petersen

Receiving the Lynne Beebe Scholarship was a true honor, and I am so grateful to have had these extra opportunities. The test preparation was amazing and allowed me to improve my SAT scores by significant numbers. Not only did my test scores improve, but the stress of the college application process was reduced by the fantastic college counseling. Through counseling, I was able to navigate the application process and apply to all of the schools I dreamed of applying to. I am very excited to say I will be attending Chapman University and will most likely double major in Political Science and Integrated Educational Studies. This scholarship transformed my life and granted me the ability to reach my fullest potential. – Philip Goodrich

2019 Seniors

Our son, Jack Ponza, received the Lynn Beebe College Counseling Scholarship in 2018, his junior year at SVHS. Little did we know when Jack received that scholarship, what a huge impact and source of support it would have on Jack’s college preparation and peace of mind.  In April of that year, Jack had a very serious spine surgery. The recovery from that surgery ended up being much more challenging than we had originally expected. Due to those challenges, Jack was in need of extra support in order to be on track with his college preparation. Things like testing, essays, applications and navigating his way through the entire process, when he was so behind, were areas that he received that support. Christie Danner, his college counselor, worked tirelessly with Jack, providing assistance with applications, setting up test preparation classes, and giving Jack support and feedback on his personal essays. This support was hugely beneficial to Jack.  Not only did it help to get him through the college application process, but it also helped to give him the emotional support he needed to get him through a very tough time. Our family could not be more grateful for the wonderful support and guidance that the Lynn Beebe College Counseling Scholarship provided for our son Jack. -Kim and Geno Ponza

The support that has been provided to me through the Lynne Beebe College Counseling Scholarship has been tremendous, and has helped ease the stress that comes along with applying to college. Through receiving one on one counseling with Christie, the college counselor at my school, I have been able to stay on top of all deadlines. Also, the free ACT/SAT prep service that I have been provided helped me prepare and score well on my standardized tests, even though a surgery in Junior year pushed back my testing opportunities. Overall, the Lynn Beebe Scholarship has made the application experience enjoyable and fun, which is quite rare and unique as I have noticed in fellow classmates experiences. -Jack Ponza