Ebrahimian Asthetic Dentistry Joins SVEF as Platinum Partner

Ebrahimian Asthetic Dentistry is leading the way in helping fund vital programs at our schools. They are the first Platinum Partner to join the new SVEF Business Partner Program. The SVEF BPP is a new program beginning in June 2009 that allows local businesses to show their support for SV schools. Find out more…

Mountain Charlie ride on last legs?

We’re looking for help in continuing the SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge Ride. Read about it in our local Press-Banner here:

This year, cyclists may have made the final ride through the hills of Santa Cruz County as part of the annual Mountain Charlie Challenge.

Organizers from the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation have run out of energy organizing the 100-kilometer and 50-kilometer rides that completed their seventh year in April.

“We need a whole new crew to step up,” organizer Charlotte Multer said. “We’ve said right now that unless we have a new crew, it’s not going to happen.”

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