Thank You Mt. Charlie Sponsors

Remember to check out all of our generous sponsors on our event page.  We couldn’t do this ride without them.

Thank you Mt. Charlie Sponsors!!

Mt. Charlie Challenge Ride Information for Saturday

The Mt. Charlie Challenge ride is this Saturday and we are stoked and ready! We have decided to keep registration open and let new riders sign up on ride day

  • Check-In and Registration is at 7-8am
  • Rain or Shine – but we expect a great day!
  • Bring all pledges that you have collected in an envelope with your name on it, along with raffle tickets to turn in
  • Mass start at 8:00am for the 100k and the 50k will go out right after

Registration Forms
At the check-in and registration area, there will be a table with the information and forms listed immediately below. As part of the County requiring us to obtain a permit this year, the County is requiring our riders to sign a “conditions agreement”. The agreement will be available at check-in for you to sign. It’s also printed at the bottom of this email for your review. Here’s the forms and information you’ll find at the check-in tables:

  • Waivers for riders that didn’t send them in yet
  • Additional registration forms for new riders
  • Maps of each route – they have support phone numbers on them
  • Full listing of turns for both routes
  • County’s conditions agreement

On the Ride

Rest stops and SAG support:

  • The SAG vehicle and all rest stops will have some first aid and water. The SAG can pick you up if you need help or have just had enough.
  • Rest stops will have a list of riders, please let them know when you come through.
  • Rest stops will have food, drinks and happy faces.
  • Rest stops and SAG finish up at 2:00, let them know if you would like a ride back.

Last but not least
Come back to Skypark behind the recreation building and join in our family BBQ, we’ll have live music. Bring the family and friends and have them meet you there. Lunch is served between 11:30 and 3. We will have skirt steak, chicken, hot dogs and veggie burgers, along with salad, garlic bread, drinks and desserts. Additional lunch tickets can be purchased there. We will hold our raffle at 2:00. Cycle Sport will be giving away a brand new cruiser bike and there are quite a few more prizes.

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you Saturday for another AWESOME Mt. Charlie Challenge.

Please review the conditions below:

I, as a Mt. Charlie Challenge rider, acknowledge the following:

  1. I will abide by all applicable state and local vehicular laws. This includes, but is not limited to, riding as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of roadway and obeying stop signs and traffic signals. Bicyclists riding more than one abreast shall yield to vehicular traffic.
  2. I understand certain obstacles exist along the roadways which could cause injury to riders. Attention is hereby directed to the many sign posts, utilities, curbs medians, guardrails, retaining walls, pavement markings, delineators, barricades, road bumps, etc.
  3. I will dispose of paper cups, food wrappers, or any other trash generated in the receptacles provided by the event organizer at the designated rest stops.
  4. I will use the restroom facilities provided by the event organizers at the designated rest stops. Burrell School Winery, The Frandle’s resident or Aptos Fire Station.
  5. I understand I could be cited by law enforcement officials for violating the California Vehicle Code or Santa Cruz County regulations will be automatically disqualified, and could result in enforcement action.

Register for the Mt. Charlie Challenge here and now

Registration closes April 23, don’t be too late! See our Mt. Charlie event page for more details and sponsorship.

Register Now

T-shrits available only while supplies last. The ride is rain or shine.

SVEF & Mt. Charlie Meetings Thurs 4/15/10

SVEF Meeting Agenda
April 15, 2010 7pm
Scotts Valley Middle School Library

1. Introductions and SVEF Overview
2. Review Minutes
3. District Needs – What we may fund?
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Annual Distribution %
6. Mt. Charlie Challenge Update
7. Business Partnership Program
8. Board Recruitment
9. Dollar A Day program
10. Other Business
11. Next Meeting –May 20th

Mt. Charlie Challenge Meeting will be held before the SVEF meeting, from 6-7pm in the library.

1. Riders
2. Permit
3. Sponsors
4. Music
5. Raffle Prizes
6. Training Rides
7. Supplies
8. Poster Distribution
9. Next Meeting, next week

You can still register on or through our website.
Registration amount is now $100. since there isn’t much time to get pledges.