Mt. Charlie Challenge raises $25,000 for SV Education

Check out the nice article in the Scotts Valley Times about our recent fundraising efforts at the Mt Charlie Challenge Pledge Ride. There are a few great photos of our volunteers and riders having a great time raising money for our local schools.

If you can’t find a copy of the free newspaper around town, you can view a copy of the page here.

Parents, private donors step up to the plate

Thanks to the Santa Cruz Sentinel for their coverage of everyone’s efforts to bridge the funding gap for our local schools. There is lots of great information on SVEF’s part in raising money to make a difference. Read the entire article here.

Scotts Valley parents rally community to pitch in for schools

Read about our Community Day program and other ways that SVEF works to help our local schools in this Santa Cruz Sentinel article.

Press Banner article on our Christmas Tree Lot

Thanks to the Press Banner for their recent article on our annual Christmas Tree Lot. Be sure to head over to Scotts Valley Thursday through Sunday any weekend before Christmas. You’ll find more details on the event page here.

Grant keeps growing music program alive

SVEF is making a difference by helping local schools keep important programs available to their students. From a recent Santa Cruz Sentinel article:

In a statement announcing the rescue, Charlotte Multer, the foundation’s president, said, “Our goal is to support students and teachers with the critical funds needed to ensure essential educational needs are met in the district.”

The 20-year-old foundation, which hosts fundraising events to collect cash for schools, gave $61,000 to preserve library programs last year.

Continue reading the full article here.

Last Concert for the Summer

Fun for the whole family! Come to Music in the Park Sunday August 30th. This event is put on jointly by Scotts Valley Educational Foundation and Kiwanis, to benefit Scotts Valley Schools.

We start serving food at 4:00pm and the band starts at 5:00pm.  Come hear some rockin good music and support your schools!

You can also check out the press we have received on this:

Rockin’ again next weekend at Skypark

Club Roundup: Rotary, Kiwanis and more

Music at Skypark fundraiser for school art

Mountain Charlie ride on last legs?

We’re looking for help in continuing the SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge Ride. Read about it in our local Press-Banner here:

This year, cyclists may have made the final ride through the hills of Santa Cruz County as part of the annual Mountain Charlie Challenge.

Organizers from the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation have run out of energy organizing the 100-kilometer and 50-kilometer rides that completed their seventh year in April.

“We need a whole new crew to step up,” organizer Charlotte Multer said. “We’ve said right now that unless we have a new crew, it’s not going to happen.”

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SVEF Mt Charlie Challenge in the news

Thanks to the Press Banner for their news item on our upcoming fundraising bicycle event. Don’t miss an opportunity to get your photo at the start in next year’s newspaper. You can read more about it here.

Foundation comes to rescue of cash-strapped libraries

Scotts Valley Educational Foundation will donate $63,240 to keep Scotts Valley Unified School District libraries open full time in the next school year. Libraries are essential to our school communities, and we’re happy to support students and teachers with the critical funds needed to ensure essential educational needs are met in our district. Read all the details in the recent Press Banner article.

Biking event to raise school funds

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has been spreading the word about our upcoming SVEF Mt. Charlie Challenge Ride for the past two weeks. Here’s what they are saying:

The Scotts Valley Educational Foundation Mountain Charlie Challenge will kick off at 8 a.m. April 26 to raise money for Scotts Valley schools.

The program has raised more than $100,000 for school programs since it began five years ago. Riders may bike 50K or 100K distances starting at Skypark in Scotts Valley .

There will be a family lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with live music and dancing. Money can be raised through corporate sponsorships and raffle ticket sales, but riders are also asked to raise $500 individually.

For more information, contact Charlotte Multer at [email protected], or visit