The Tutoring Club Continues to Support SVEF

The Tutoring Club announced this week that they will be donating their registration fee directly to Scotts Valley Educational Foundation for students of SVUSD. You can go to their website above for more info or our website, where they are one of our Platinum Sponsors for our Business Partnership Program.

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  1. Randy Klein
    Randy Klein says:

    Pat and I are finding that many students are exceedingly desperate this time of year as they are approaching midterms (finals). New students are exhibiting great stress as they try to pack a semester’s worth of learning, of difficult subjects, into a flurry of a few weeks in an effort to pass or to get a better grade.

    If there is one recommendation that we can give to parents and students, it is “don’t wait so long to seek help.” If grades are slumping week to week, it is doubtful that the student will EVER catch up on their own by the end of the semester. There are miracles, of course, but they are the exception, not the rule.

    So, if your student /child’s grades are troubling to them and to you, please take steps to get them help. Steps as simple as forming serious study groups will help, as will asking the teacher for guidance and help.

    The Tutoring Club of Scotts Valley is commited to helping the the students and families of Santa Cruz County. Our lifelong mission is to apply our substantial tutoring material and college educated tutors to helping improve academic performance in virtually every topic taught in kindergarten through the first two years of college, including college preparatory SAT and ACT courses; so please consider us as one of the places that you can turn to for help.

    Randy Klein and Pat Perkins

  2. Randy Klein and Pat Perkins
    Randy Klein and Pat Perkins says:

    Summer is almost here. SVHS and SLV are not offering summer school due to funding cuts. Many students want to take summer school either to get ahead or to catch up. The Tutoring Club might have a solution. Students who get approval from their counselors for various BYU courses online can come to the Tutoring Club of Scotts Valley for help and, at the end of the course, for having their final test proctored.

    Most important is that students/parents first get pre-approval from their school counselor for the specific BYU course needed by the school they are, or will be, attending. Some limitations/restriction do exist from school to school, so please be certain to get the course pre-approved.

    Also, the Tutoring Club can evaluate and remediate student’s academic needs and keep them academically engaged during the summer so that their first semester back to school in the fall is more productive and less of a struggle.

    Keep in mind that US students typically receive only 180 days of school per year vs. about 280 days for most international students. The most critical grades are 3rd, 7th and 9-12th. A recent panel on troubled youth pegged 3rd grade as the tipping point by which students who are not at grade level tend toward a more difficult, often tending toward criminal, life..unless they catch up to grade level.

    The College track begins early. For the most rigorous institutions of higher learning, students typically take higher level courses by the 7th grade. For more information about what your child should be taking in school to prepare for the rigorous colleges/universities, or for any college/university, please feel free to call us. We’d be glad to give you that information in person.

    Randy Klein and Pat Perkins
    Tutoring Club of Scotts Valley

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