SVEF Meeting Thursday Aug 25th 7pm

Our monthly meeting will be held this Thursday at Bruno BBQ in the upstairs room.  Please try to come and bring a friend.  This will be another opportunity to meet welcome our new Superintendent.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • SOS (Share Our Success)
  2. Review Minutes – Ann
  3. Superintendent Penny Weaver
  4. Treasury Report – Linda
    • Annual Report – Linda
    • Donor Database – Karen
  5. Community Day – Gina and Lori
  6. Old Business Update
    • Qlubbgive – Allison
    • Volunteer Bureau – Lauren
      1. Word Press Update to Site
    •  Music at Skypark – Aug 28th, Sep 25th
  7. Strategic Planning Date- Allison
  8. Grant Committee – Ann
  9. New Business – Oktoberfest on October 8th @ Malone’s
  10. Adjourn
    • Next Meeting September 22, 2011
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